I miss the classified ads in newspapers.

I do understand why they are a disappearing thing, they just can’t compete with the immediacy of online, being able to put ads up in a moment and then take them down when something is sold so you don’t keep on getting calls, it makes sense, but they don’t seem as fun somehow. You can’t just stumble on funny things like you used to because you have to search and look for something.

Luckily our local paper still has a page of classifieds, which are usually more interesting than the news, because really what ‘news’ ever happens in a place like this?

Today I sat down with a cup of tea and a biscuit and took a look through it all and the most interesting thing in the whole paper was this advert:

FREE Cocker Spaniel
Free to good home, 3 years old, horrible little thing, she bites and smells of dog!

Well, Little Miss High & Mighty who works in the post office is the only person I know around here who has a dog that fits that description, and if it is her who placed the advert then it all makes sense. She’s annoying and I’d probably bite her too!

The other ads that I miss a bit are the ‘would like to meet’ kind. They were always all kinds of fun but for this the internet really is better I think, easier to exchange whatever details and pictures you might need beforehand!