Sorry there have been no updates here for a few weeks now. I have been mostly in bed as we had an attack of the COVIDs at home.

Both Potato Jr. and I got what I thought was just a bit of flu but got worse and worse before we went and tested positive for the coronavirus. So no trips outside, no physical intractions with anyone, nothing interesting to report and haven’t really been feeling inspired to write anything, in fact I’ve been feeling pretty awful.

Then I see on the news that Donald Trump, idiot in chief, has been tweeting that it’s nothing to be worried about, that we shouldn’t be scared, that it’s no worse than the normal flu.

Don’t believe the words of this dangerous man!

Do be worried about coronavirus, do take care of yourself, do stay protected, and if you are sick then stay away from others. I had a light case apparently, but this is much worse than normal flu it’s really not a bundle of laughs at all.

I will be back to writing, and I have some interesting lucid fever dreams to share!