Continuing on from the other day, some more of the strange and very lucid dreams that I had while my temperature was very high last week.

I’m blaming the fever but I don’t know, maybe I always have strange dreams. I never normally remember them so it’s hard to say but all of these I remembered vividly when I woke up!

Barack the dino hunter

The last president of the United States (because the current guy isn’t a real president) was teaching me how to hunt dinosaurs. He seemed to be a bit of an expert, he had diagrams and movies and all kinds of equipment.

I’m not sure where in the world we were but there lots of rice fields and there were plenty of prehistoric beasts roaming around, we didn’t actually trap or shoot any, just theory and practiced to learn the techniques.

On the playing field

I had gone to sleep as usual and woke up late in the morning because it was really noisy outside, at first I couldn’t work out what the noise was, but it sounded like huge crowds of people. I got up, did some bathroom stuff, and then walked outside in my robe to see what all of the noise was about.

Somehow during the night while I slept someone had built an entire stadium around my house. There was no field or anything, just my house and garden surrounded by stands full of thousands of people.

I wasn’t really sure whether I should run back inside, drop my robe, or start to sing, but I woke up in reality before I could decide.

All of the teapots

I lived in and was the curator of a museum of teapots. Not the modern neat kind of museum with a few carefully placed items and smart lighting, the old kind with just as many teapots as could be fitted into one space, there were everywhere!

Nothing else much happened at all in the dream, I just went about a normal life surrounded by teapots.