One of my first little writings on here was about a peaceful Sunday afternoon shattered by a need to fortify a garden pond from a marauding cat. Benjamin the koi carp, who Mr Potato was strangely fond of was under attack from Jasper, the new kitty on the block and so of course there had to be action!

But it was all in vain because here we are just a few weeks later and Benjamin has departed without any cat intervention. I don’t really know what happened to him, yesterday he was floating the right way up, today he was floating upside down.

He was a good fish I suppose, though I’m not sure how you would tell a good from a bad one, they don’t do much, and he will be missed, not particularly by me but by Mr P for sure.

Mr Potato has been out all day and doesn’t actually yet know about the passing of his fish. I’m wondering how he will react and hoping that it won’t be to go out and buy another one.

In the meantime, post sickness quarantine means I haven’t left the house for days and haven’t been able to play with anyone, so I ordered myself a new toy which has just arrived. I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day and it won’t be mourning a fish!