There is a new young lady working in the bakery around the corner and when I went in the other morning to get some bread, because we should all be supporting local businesses and not just buying everything in the supermarket, she introduced herself.

There was nobody else around and so we got to chatting a little about this and that, she told me they had just moved here and about her husband and kids, and that she didn’t go out much and was a quite type.

But, bakery lady, I know you.

You might not recognise me, but I know exactly which parking place you like to frequent late at night, what kind of car you drive, and I’ve heard you use a different name and tell how you are single.

I’ve seen what you get up to and how you don’t say no to anyone, and I have no problem with that at all, but I’m willing to bet all of the baguettes in Paris that you aren’t being honest with your family about where you are when you are out late at night.

Naughty, naughty girl!

Next time I’m out and about in those same place maybe I’ll carry a bread roll with me, and see if you recognise me then 🙂