My name is Aoife (you pronounce it Ee-fah), I’m in my mid 50’s and I live in a little town in the east of Ireland.

For years, even decades, now I have been meaning to start keeping a diary but have never got around to it, but I decided that maybe it is time that I actually did. Every day or at least most days I will post a little note in here for myself and anyone else who cares to read it about the day.

Sometimes that might be very dull and sometimes not so much hopefully, but I think that every day there is something to laugh at get upset about if you just look around properly.

Over the coming weeks you will meet a cast of characters including my family, colleagues and the people who call this little corner of the Emerald Isle home. They are a quirky bunch, some lovable and some just plain annoying, but whatever I think of them these are my people and the stars of all the stories you will find here.

These writings are mostly for myself but if you choose to follow along, hello dear stranger and welcome to my world.