I like to think the best of people and companies, I complain a bit and can be a bit sarcastic but I really do try to see and think the best.

Some companies make it difficult though, Whirlpool for example.

We bought a washing machine with a guarantee and it worked wonderfully all of the time, until now. Ten days ago the guarantee ran out, today the washing machine made a noise like an exploding car, a smell a bit like burning hair and threw it’s soapy water contents all over the floor.

Is this just a coincidence, or is this something more sinister?

People talk about planned obsolescence but I never really took it on board until now, could it really be that my washing machine was designed to fail just after it was the manufacturers duty to replace it?

If so, how would they make sure it was at the right time, do they have a very clever calculation for the average level of use that we have somehow absolutely fitted in to?

Or, maybe do they have some timed chip that is secretly activated when you take the machine out of the shop and set to make everything go bang at the right moment?

I don’t know, I suspect it’s just annoying coincidence, but maybe it’s more evil than that.