Today I had planned to tell you more about the characters who live in my world, probably starting out with my husband, Mr Potato, and our son Tom, Potato Jr. I don’t call them that because they have a deep culinary appreciation for our national vegetable but because they both look a bit like potatoes, I guess the best thing about it is that we can be sure who Tom came from without any need for DNA testing!

But I have been distracted from all of that. My peaceful Sunday afternoon was interrupted by needing to save Benjamin.

Benjamin is a ghost koi carp who lives in our garden. He has been there for a few years now, he doesn’t do much, just floats around in the pond looking very little like a ghost and very like a fish. I don’t know what he eats, Mr Potato feeds him with some little brown pellet things.

All has been good and peaceful with Benjamin until today. Last week Mrs Grumpyhair who lives a few doors down the road got a cat who she has named Jasper, it seems like a silly name for a cat to me but then Benjamin is not a great name for a fish either.

Jasper has been gaining in bravery and attitude in his new surroundings over the last few days, and today Mr Potato found him attempting to fish out Benjamin, who isn’t too clever and probably had not idea what was going on. Mr Potato yelled, swore and threw something across the garden, Jasper ran and I went back to my book, until the same process was repeated a few hours later.

So my peaceful afternoon has been interrupted by a trip to the garden centre to buy some wood and netting that has now been installed over the pond, again with lots of swearing and hammering.

I think it would have been easier and much better to put Jasper in a net, maybe along with Mrs Grumpyhair.