“I told you so” seems to be a dirty phrase that we aren’t supposed to use nowadays but I think it’s okay to feel a little bit smug and self-satisfied when you get things right.

In light of that here are a three things I am not ashamed to say I have been right about this week:

  1. The dog in the newspaper advert did belong to Little Miss High & Mighty, he’s moved now to someone who hopefully more likeable and less biteable.
  2. Mr Potato can not paint in a straight line at the edge of a wall however much he likes to believe that he can.
  3. Coconut oil makes a surprisingly good and effective lubricant for your back passage. Admittedly it gets all over the place, as oils do, but it smells nice.

Sadly I was wrong about my idea of how long you need to cook salmon in the oven for and it turned out like cardboard, but you can’t win them all.