Oh, it’s been a bit of a week!

Many ups and downs, an exciting party, a very brief visit from our daughter, learning something interesting about the neighbour, a new washing machine, noisy roadworks outside.

Also a lot of blog silence, which isn’t great when I am only a week or two into it, but it was enforced by my computer deciding to go boom. Not literally there was no noise or smoke (not like the washing machine) but it just stopped to do anything at all.

Mr Potato of course knew what it was, the graphics card!

No, it wasn’t that at all. Two days wasted…

Potato Jr of course new what it was, something to do with a PSU whatever that is!

No, it wasn’t that at all. Two more days wasted…

The lovely young man in the computer shop didn’t claim that he knew what it was, but called me back an hour after I had left it there that it was fixed and I could pick it up.

So, I’m back online and will try to do some news catching up in the next few days.