The weather has been poor for the last few days, not raining so much but not warm either and with a few showers here and there.

This has limited the range of things I could do in the garden, and means I had to change from my favourite plan of laying out in the sun with a nice cold drink to actually having clothes on and doing some useful ‘gardening’.

Our little garden is quite secluded with plenty of hedges and a little tree or two which makes it much more difficult for other people to see what you are doing there. This isn’t by design, its just how it was planted however many decades ago that was, it’s nice and green if nothing else.

I have by a bit of trial and error worked out the parts of the garden where you can sunbathe or do whatever else catches your fancy and be visible to neighbours on one side or the other though.

On one side live Bob and Betty who are nice enough but churchy types and not too much fun, on the other side are a young couple who moved in not so long ago, and I know that he likes to watch me when I sunbathe naked. He does it from one of their windows upstairs so I make sure that I am in the right place for him to get a good view, and last week when I noticed him watching a couple of times I made sure that I gave him a bit of a show.

But alas with the weather the way it’s been today, I ended up with a cup of tea instead of a gin and tonic, and weeding and trimming the hedge instead of showing off.

But, on a positive note, the tomatoes are growing nicely.